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Tonka and Patchouli in Matte

Tonka and Patchouli in Matte


A rich, exotic blend of tonka, spiced musk, cedar and patchouli with jasmine, bergamot, lemon and lime.


Victoria Jane Home is a luxury home brand of candles and diffuser. Victoria Jane Home uses the highest quality ingredients and provides an exceptional performance. Paraffin wax used in the candles offers high quality finish, clean burn and good fragrance throw. Vegan Friendly.


Our Candle Care Tips

1). The first burn...

Provided you allow your candle's first burn to melt the wax all the way to the edge of the glass, your candle should continue to burn beautifully, with no tunnelling for the remainder of its use.


2). Trim your wick...

We always recommend that you trim your wick to about 5-6mm before each use. This will help your candle to burn cleanly and evenly, with very little/any black smoke. 


3). Keep away from drafts...

Always position and keep your candle away from any drafts when lit. This will ensure that your candle performs as intended and prevents any build up of wax at the side of the glass.

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