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Icy Globes

Icy Globes

Victoria Jane London  Icey Globes are refreshing, cruelty-free and vegan essentials that transform your face and mood in a matter of minutes. Using the powers of cryotherapy to reduce blood flow and inflammation before eventually encouraging greater circulation giving you a radiant and  flushed complexion.


Benefits of Victoria Jane London Icey Globes 

🌟Improving blood circulation to brighten and tighten your complexion (applying cold to your skin causes your blood vessels to constrict)

🌟Diminish dark circles

🌟Reduce puffiness 

🌟Reduce redness and inflammation 

🌟Tighten open pores

🌟Oxygenates the skin

🌟Drains the lymphatic system

🌟Increases collagen and elastin production


Store globes in the fridge over night and use in the morning for brighter tighter skin or place in freezer for 10minutes. Can also we used along skin care with our medik8 serums or sheets masks. 

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